Beer Bike Bachelor & Bachelorette Party in Sacramento

Bachelor (and bachelorette) parties offer a great time for fun and bonding. They are a celebration of a wonderful event and an opportunity for good friends to honor someone who has found their soulmate and life partner.

Unique Parties Create More Lasting Memories

Plenty of options exist for the creative planner. Parties which honor the spirit of the event in a fun way and won’t break the bank. One great way for close friends to celebrate a coming wedding, or any important milestone, is going for a Sacramento beer bike tour. It’s fun, it’s affordable, and you can post what happened during your party on social media without fear! Almost half of all bachelor parties take place at an adult entertainment establishment.  It has become a cliché. Trying something new brings excitement to the party, and will keep revelers talking about the event for years.

Parties Tailored to your Interests

Bachelor parties are about fun. And most are expected to be a little wild. What could be more fun and wild than fifteen friends pedaling a giant bicycle around midtown, hitting their favorite bars and restaurants? You can even invite your future father-in-law – something unlikely to happen on a weekend trip to Vegas. The best party bike companies let you choose the places you visit and provide a guide to keep everything organized. And, the guides steer the bike, so you are free to enjoy whatever the night brings your way.

Affordable Events Let Everyone Celebrate

Keeping your party local lets everyone participate. Bachelor or bachelorette parties that require guests to fly to a destination might sound like a great idea, but the cost can be several hundred to well over a thousand per person making it tough to get everyone on board. A great night on the town is accessible for everyone, leaving those attending free to enjoy their time and let it all hang out, without regretting the expense.

Memories Should be Shareable

Choosing a group beer bike for your next big event allows your memories to be shared during and after the celebration. Nothing has to be kept secret, no Snapchat or Instagram bans will need to be put in place. And, photos can be taken without concern. A bachelor party is meant to be remembered. By keeping it clean, those memories will be easy to share for generations.

The next time you are tasked with planning an event, consider alternatives to the normal activities.  Unique outings make for better memories and promote more fun than the same old weekend trips. Everyone will appreciate the chance to celebrate a special event without stretching the budget or having to avoid questions about what happened when they return home.


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