Downtown Sacramento Pub Crawl & Beer Bike Fun

Downtown Sacramento is quickly becoming a brewpub destination for beer lovers from near and far.  Midtown alone is host to a multitude of great breweries, some of which have been named as one of the top ten in the state. You could hit each individually, but to truly enjoy the culture and compare the great brews, a Sacramento pub crawl is the best way to experience the fine craft beers this historic city has to offer.

Celebrating Special Events with a Sacramento Pub Crawl

Pub crawls have been a tradition for beer lovers for as long as pubs have been around. There is something exciting about moving from bar to bar and sampling the fare each offers with your friends.  Pub crawls are an event by themselves, but they are also an excellent way to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, team building, bachelor or bachelorette parties or any other excuse to gather with friends and unwind with great food and drink.

Responsible Pub Crawling Is a Must

A large part of the fun during a pub crawl happens outside the brewery. Laughing and talking, the group moves through the city, making their way to the next destination. Finding safe transportation from one bar to the next is a critical part of the success of any pub crawl. You need something which can move a dozen or more friends quickly and does not require any partygoers to drive during the festivities. Fortunately, a perfect solution exists.

Sactown Social Beer Bikes Take the Party on the Road

Pub crawls have become mobile, but not in cars. Bar hoppers are using pedal power to make their rounds. Huge bicycles custom designed for revelry and entertainment can be rented to carry patrons from pub to pub. Some are even power assisted, in case the exertion is too much after a few stouts or IPAs. Some even include a custom itinerary and the guide helps herd the participants back to the safety of the bike between stops. In addition, the availability of permits from the city allows for the party to continue on the bike, with no concern about open container laws. You can bring and drink beer and wine on the bikes.

The next time you are planning to sample the offerings at Sacramento’s best microbreweries, consider a pub crawl with several of your closest friends. It is a fun and memorable way to enjoy the city. Better yet, hire a traveling pub on wheels to pedal around midtown. You can work off those calories between every stop. It’s a perfect solution for guilt-free indulgence.


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