Tips and Tricks for Enjoyment During a Sacramento Pub Crawl

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Whether you’re on a vacation or celebrating the end of a challenging work week (or month), there’s always a good reason to go on a pub crawl to unwind. And by unwind, we mean actually letting loose and having some real fun.

There are certain guidelines to abide by to ensure that you will safely enjoy the entire experience and the people around you will as well.

Stay With The Group

The entire point of joining a pub crawl is to bond and socialize with your fellow crawlers.

Don’t hold back the rest of the group by falling back. Designate one or two people to make sure that your group is complete and make sure that everyone is accounted for before you move on to a new place.

Pace Yourself

Although it’s a pub crawl, and throwing back a few drinks is part of the fun, you don’t have to do it all in a rush. If you really want to enjoy the entire itinerary, space out your drinks. The important thing is to be strategic about it. In addition to beer you can try some new and exciting concoctions. And, by the way, beer actually has some nutritional and health benefits.

If you drink too much too soon, you’ll lose steam too early, which can be a downer for the rest of the group because then they’ll have to make sure you’re well taken care of and that you’re able to get home safely. It’s called a pub “crawl,” not a pub “race.” Don’t rush it.

Don’t Go Pub Crawling Hungry

This is actually one of the most basic commandments when going drinking. An empty stomach can get you tipsy and drunk faster, so make sure that you’ve had a fairly decent meal before starting. You’ll need the energy to sustain you through the night, so make sure you don’t show up for the pub crawl expecting to just have dinner at the bar.

Last but not the least, make sure to check up on the profile of whoever is organizing the pub crawl. Companies like Sactown Social Bikes guarantee a fun and memorable pub crawl experience for those exploring Sacramento.


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