Sacramento – Our City and Home

Sacramento, with its historic buildings, fine dining, and relaxed atmosphere is a great place for tourists to unwind. When visiting Sacramento, the State Capital is a must see. Built during the 1860’s, the New Classicism style of the building surrounded by towering palm trees and luscious shrubbery is breathtaking. Within the walls of the capital, is home to many famous antiques and stunning artwork.

A popular attraction for artists and art lovers is the Crocker Museum. The Crocker Museum is filled with an impressive selection of East Asian and European art as well as a mix of traditional and modern sculptures. To the convenience of visitors, the Crocker Museum is completed with its own Cafe.

Their menu caters to all pallets and those who enjoy sipping on champagne while admiring art. Still hungry? Sacramento is surrounded by restaurants ranging from Italian cuisine to all american steak houses. Before departure, a trip to Old Sac is in order for those who crave adventure. Alongside the river, this historic landmark offers endless excursions as well as shopping in handcrafted candy shops and high end boutiques. To ensure a trip to every Sacramento attraction, book a social bike and enjoy what the city has to offer with friends and family.