Planning a Pub Crawl with a Beer Bike Sacramento

Pub crawls don’t have to all be done in the traditional way: walking from bar to bar. People are becoming more and more creative when looking to have a great time on a night out on the town and one of them is a group bike tour. And the best part is, you can make new friends along the way.

Make an Itinerary

Whether you’re doing an actual walking pub crawl or riding a beer bike, like the ones offered by Sactown Social Bikes, it’s best to pre-plan your route. This helps make more efficient use of your time, so you have more time for fun.

You can leave some room for an alternatives to your plan if you don’t want to be too strict about your pub crawl itinerary or beer bike route–that’s totally up to you. The important thing about a little pre-planning is that you won’t waste time wandering around or deciding where to go next.

It’s Not Just All About the Booze

It’s a pub crawl, yes, but it doesn’t have to be solely just about drinking. These kinds of activities were primarily designed for socialization , so why not do exactly that? A bike tour is a perfect way to engage in social interaction and also offers more opportunities for fun.

Have a Theme

One option for your pub crawl is to have a theme where you all wear the same color or style of shirts or caps, or other forms of wearable items that will identify you as being part of the group.

It also makes it fun and easy to identify each other and stay together. Think of your pub crawl shirt as your ID for the night.

The bottom line is there’s a new and exciting way to mix up the traditional pub crawl and have fun. You can sign up with companies experienced at putting together fun activities like this, such as Sactown Social Bikes, to ensure that you’ll be having the most fun possible.


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